Yasuo isn't overpowered, he's just unfun as hell to play against tbh.

Look, I hate Yasuo as much as the next person. And as a disclaimer, I'm a Riven main, so please, downvote now if you hate Riven. If you don't care, (and I hope you don't care as that is not the purpose of this thread) then carry on! Look, I know Yasuo is hard to play. I know he's pretty balanced at the moment, but I believe a few things. His windwall isn't a windwall. It's a wall of, it doesn't matter which direction I put it, or how late I do it, as long as I have a faster reaction time then a snail, I will always reflect every ability! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG1cL1Lw1cI Watch until 15 seconds, and you'll see this Riven main hilariously rage in a Disco Heat video. But there is some credit I can give to this Riven, if that happened to me, I'd be pretty upset. Yasuo's windwall is all about timing, but Yasuo throws the windwall in the other direction, and automatically blocks it. And it blocks autoattacks from some champions for some strange reason, as they count as "abilities", and can block much more. ___ Solutions? Well, here is my **Solution** I believe Yasuo's windwall shouldn't be able to block from the sides, so it feels fairer to play against. But there's one major problem I have with his windwall. Even if the ability hits, he throws it out late and it still blocks it. If theres one change I could have, it's to make his windwall channel for a very small amount of time, just enough for a skillshot to land, but not enough for a Morgana Q animation to pass through. Obviously, there has to be some compensation. Make his windwall a shorter cooldown, so he can use it more often, and buff his Q damage slightly. It would make Yasuo slightly more enjoyable to face against, and it wouldn't hurt him since there is compensation. Thanks for reading, bye!
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