if you're hardstuck silver for thousands of games, don't give up, here's how i got out

My biggest problem was that i played way too much champions, in fact, i played 104 champs in ranked this sole season. Also, i had a huge problem of tilting. To get out of silver, you really need to find one winning strat, DON'T mess around EVER, or else, there is a really great odd that you will go on a losing streak or be stuck from playing too much random stuff. I finally decided to stick to one champion the most i could cause it was my best one, there isnt only one winning strat, and maybe one-tricking isnt needed for you, but here was mine : i spammed {{champion:131}} and here is my winning build (of course there is other ways than diana surely xd) {{item:1082}} (upgrade to {{item:3041}} if you get 10 stacks){{item:2031}} rush {{item:3115}} but if you have no engage on your team, you are better off building {{item:3027}} first (and then normal build) EDIT : Now, in gold i always take rod of ages cause being able to stay alive is important get {{item:3020}} next get {{item:3100}} for stronger aas, it scales super well with nashor and then ideally you want {{item:3165}} and/or {{item:3089}} but if enemy got mr get {{item:3135}} or if your team is likely to throw or you may lose get {{item:3026}} to still be able to carry without dying (Can be replaced by {{item:3157}} if you like it better) also this is not the only thing, here's the macro part (i'll speak for mid roaming champs cause its what i mostly play) -Think all the time, dont ever do anything on impulse -Look the map, always look for opportunities -Never ever flame, even if your teammates think that you CAN carry them, youre the sole constant on your team -Don't lose time ever always do something -Avoid giving shutdown gold -Don't keep mindlessly grinding if you start losing, its just gonna get worse -Push your lane before roaming (maybe not that much if youre in a losing matchup you need to not fall behind, go take gold somewhere else, kill side laners or go in jg if you can to farm camps or kill the jungler(if you know where he is)) -never surrender always try your hardest, monkeys cant hold you back if you carry enough -use hp, mana, level and knowledge of your damage to know if you can kill -dont think about the flashy play, think about the most efficient one, helping to get objectives -never forget farming -ping all you can to control your braindead teammates -be the most relaxed you can -predict what enemies can do you can ask me more stuff if you want :) the runes i prefer on diana are : -**Electrocute** cause diana can easily proc it with her combo -**Sudden impact** cause it scale well with diana r -**Eyeball collection** cause the more you kill stuff you get a little damage bonus -**Relentless hunter** to compensate for diana weakness, in fact, enemies usually try to run away from her and with diana you need to chase enemies, some take ravenous hunter but on my side i dont like it cause youre too slow and almost all diana abilities are aoe so the healing you can get from this rune is reduced. -**Absolute focus** cause more damage the better -**Gathering storm** to be able to scale on long games
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