Can we not balance BC around Lucian?

{{item:3071}} feel so shit to build. I want the old build path back. The new {{item:3044}} + {{item:3067}} feels sooooooo bad to build. You literally have to sit on 15 AD until you complete the full item. Lets not forget it recently lost 10 AD and 20% of its shred on top of it. Its supposed to be a first or second item powerspike. Whats wrong with that? Other classes get that too. ADCs get {{item:3153}} or {{item:3812}}. Mages get {{item:3165}}. Junglers get their stat stick Jungle items. So why was {{item:3071}} gimped so hard because of this asshole {{champion:236}}? Give us the old build path back. 15 AD + health feels like complete shit when its your first item. Do whatever you have to do to keep it away from Lucian. Make it Melee-only hmmm? Nerf Lucian into the dirt? I dont give a damn what you have to do. Do ***something.*** {{champion:236}} can go rot for all I care. Give us our {{item:3071}} back
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