can i get an opinion from riot about Xerath?

Before his rework was released in 2014 he was a unique and fun champ .... i was new to league i started july 2013 ish and i wanted to pick a champ which screamed i am a powerful magical being and that was Xerath ...i loved his design and looked forward to a rework when he got it .... However i dont play him consistently but from time to time i pick him up again and everytime i do i have fun just sniping but thats all i feel like i am with him ... just a poking sniping champ .... i also say to myself why do i play this guy? He just doesnt feel strong or useful apart from poking people down but ziggs and lux... lux offers more support and ziggs more reliable damage with R in teamfights as its quick tap and carry on repositioning to spam Q and self peel with W and E I feel like Xerath has no identity and never will.... I really do miss the old xerath and wish he would get some sort of revert but i doubt that will happen .... but i feel like he needs something ... no damage buff or anything ... just something ... hitting his skills late game with a E W Q is deadly but thats only in late game ... before that youre a poke mage and i dont think people ever want that unless a meta for it happens which is rare I understand hes strong when hitting skills but that goes back to what i was saying about being outclassed ... where others can do what hes doing but more reliable is there a person at riot who has thoughts on this guy? I never see anyone mention him at all he feels forgotten

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