Can't tell if this Shaco hate is new or if there is just more of it.

I've always loved Shaco. He brought something to the game i always liked in characters in other games. Crazy, funny, mysterious, and just a nice guy (maybe... his lore is so weird). I played Shaco before he was even meta or even good. Back when you would rush hydra before even finishing your jungle item. The rework created this weird mesh where Shaco mains would go AP after going AD for years and arguing for days which was better AD or AP (AP was totally better on release). But now people are complaining about Shaco needing a nerf? Why? Shaco has and always will be the champion that messes with your head. Thats his job! He can't carry games and he definitely can't turn them around when your behind. People just don't like how he plays mind games. Shaco has always been able to one shot out of stealth, but after he dumps his damage on that one target he can't do anything else. Why is he all of a sudden the most hated champion? What changed?
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