Anyone care to explain this?

I decided to play an intro game today to see what it's like and OH BOY is it cringe... This is a player I found in that game that has already played 19 games of intro in the past 8 hours. Are these accounts bots? If so, why isn't Riot doing anything about them? It seems to always be the same with these kind of accounts... a real name followed by random letters alternating between capital and lowercase. EXAMPLE: BettyZxCvBnM Why can't Riot catch on to these obvious bot accounts? It's GOT to be easy to detect... I went 60/0/0 in that intro game without even trying... how can an account go 0/12 without being flagged as a bot? And before any of you say "oh you can't be banned for being bad, maybe they're just new"... get your head out of your ass and actually use your brain.

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