Who decided these refund prices? Older players are just SOL?

100 IP for a tier 3 rune and 400 for a Quint? Who exactly was in charge of this decision? I'm really glad I ***spent 7380 IP*** on Hybrid Pen marks to only get ***900*** back. Thanks for giving me 1200 IP for my Flat HP Quints ***that I spent 6150 IP on***. How very generous of you Riot. "BUT OLDR PLAYRZ USED FOR LONGER HEHE" Good to know that supporting your company for a long time means jack shit. Seems you want to cater to newer players because you already got our money right? Even though we put just as much effort into earning each and ever single one of those runes? Is it worth it Riot? Is it worth pissing off all your old players? I'm actually dumbfounded by the fact that you even ***considered** this as an option. Are your trying to one-up Valve's Artifact teaser or what? Did you need to make a new meme of yourself after Rengar's Q or something?
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