What could cause random ping spikes related to the computer, NOT connection?

I know there is gonna be alot of "get a better connection" etc, but its not my connection. Me, and 2 of my brothers all play league in the house. (not at the same time usually.) One brother has a fancy gaming desktop, has no issues of course, windows 10 I believe. My other brother has an 8 year old laptop that is still hanging in there, but he never experiences lag. They both play on the WIFI. I have a somewhat new laptop running windows 10, and I have an issue with these random ping spikes EVERY GAME. They dont last super long, but every 2 mins or so i get a ping jump to 200-300 for a second or 2. We have a 1000mb connection, so its not the internet itself, and I play with wifi, or with LAN cable. (tried lan to fix the ping spike, didnt work) Any idea what could cause this? Tried googling, and all i found was stuff related to poor connection, which i do not believe to be the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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