Suggestion to fix jungle issues

Okay so here it is: Problem: In current meta, junglers are very important and often the best jungler wins the game. Riot current attempt to fix this problem: They nerfed jungle camp exp, gold, spawn time, especially in the early game. However, this did not help: junglers are still deciding games, but playing jungler is now frustrating and less popular because it feels like playing support (less experience, less gold, unless you snowball on ganks kills or you steal lane cs) What I suggest to fix this: Revert jungle nerf (reduce camp spawn time, revert gold and exp nerf), so jungle will feel more satisfying and you can chose farm or gank More importantly, the key point: allow to give more vision! Jungle are strong because vision is weak. You can only put 1 control ward, and normal wards have long cooldown and lots of tool to get destroyed. Jungle is strong because vision is weak. Slightly buffing vision would nerf jungler influence, and reward good laner vision strategy. No need to do a big buff, just a slight buff (idea is going this way instead of nerfing jungle camps again and again)
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