((((To the DEVS who love this game and all WW Mains)))) WW NEEDS a long ranged, non physical attack

Olaf has an Axe, Blitzcrank has a massively ranged ult, Gnar has a boomerang, Yi has a long ranged, ninja-styled slash, Nasus has ALL KINDS OF THE MOVE THAT SAYS "You Ganked in the wrong lane", Yasou has a whirlwind that stuns AND damages, and Lux... She's op in this update. These abilities enable these champs to effectively combat long ranged opponents in any lane, or part of the jungle. They hardly have to get close as long as they kill minions, jgl'ing or not. ... WW ON THE OTHER HAND, is both one of the slowest champs upon start up, forcing you to get beserkers grieves, and his is [E] laughable compared to everything else. It's a bad way to build a champ meant to be the "Ultimate Killer", with blood hunt letting you run ACROSS THE MAP, and a terrible way to treat a champ labelled as MIXED (not physical alone, like some may think) He has to be well within range, getting pummeled by long range attacks, and THEN has to use his [E], which has one of the smallest stun ranges, just to slow a person down... BUT they're already at the turret and he gets to hit to survive being invaded. It is a perpetual game of cat and mouse, where a slow wolf can BARELY catch Yuumi, or even escape Rengar, and chances are blood hunt isn't facing the turret you have to hug when Mrs fortune goes mad, so unless you already knew about his slow speed, you're slain. Half the time you use WW's e, 50% at LEAST is never gonna hit the target, because they're only on one side. Yet look at Twitch toss last weeks sewage several feet away so he can finish a kill. As a mixed champion, WW's E should be ranged similar to chogath's stun, or Olaf's axe throw, or FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, Lux's stun for the sake of balance. Instead of being a short-ranged stun that NEVER guarantees you'd catch up unless you're already 35% faster (Beserkers Grieves), it should be a long ranged, V or U-shaped howl that inflicts gradual damage, stuns the champion in fear (so they don't make it harder to catch up) and slows the target by 30% for 1.5 seconds at 1 upgrade, with the same upgraded defense he gets when charging it up. He should be able to use it to crowd control minions, instead of make them walk away and come right back undamaged. As a lvl 5 mastery ww Main, I can tell you first hand that catching champions is like catching fish without a rod, and letting the howl deal even 10% armour penetration and 10% of his overall health (in the span of 2 seconds) is better than what happens later on in the game. There has NEVER been a match where I can use a long ranged move to defend a lane someone died in, or AFK'd unless I turret hug and then some with my Q, which I ALREADY consumed in Jgl'ing. You can never push with him unless you're fighting another ww, lane or not, because everyone has a long ranged move they can spam until you fool yourself into thinking your regenerative Q will save you. You can't rely on "being lucky" and stealing your own teammates kills either, because you're TOO SLOW TO GET THERE IN TIME, OVER HALF THE TIME! AND THAT'S IF YOU AREN'T BEING INVADED. The only thing I manage to Jgl is my Deaths, assist and kills, but I never get a solid death count without dying too much to not feed. You may think that he can be used to push as long as you "pro play", but every time he releases his ult or gets too close, that stun does nothing but extend the suffering, while Lux releases another paralyzing beam from SEVERAL feet away and makes you rage quit because ALL of her attacks are long ranged. To make things worse, EVERYONE attacks you because ww's ult requires prediction, MID ATTACK. So please, give WW a move that can be used to damage Champs from long range, or even medium range. It's miserably unfair to not give a MIXED champion a way to compete with others, who's e's actually inflict damage or can be used to push.
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