Sweeping lens needs a buff!

I really don't understand how it's fair at all for assassins to have an item that allows them to instantly clear wards and support players who clear wards regularly have to sit there and auto them the full 3 times. I mean, think about it, what support champions do you play that build attack speed? By the time you've cleared 2 wards your sweeping lens has already worn out! and that's assuming you have the movement speed to even run around and find 2 wards. Someone like zilean or bard could easily find a few wards, but they can barely clear 2 of them before they run out of sweeping lens. I think sweeping lens should have the same effect as dusk blade. Unless riot is trying to tell us that supports aren't supposed to clear wards, cuz the adc could surely clear them a hell of a lot faster! Who even came up with the idea to let assassins insta clear wards anyway?
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