I don't get it

Uh, I don' know I read the boards a LOT and it seems like the only stuff riot seems to reply to are things that aren't even remotely relevant to the huge issues players are concerned with this upcoming season. Literally posts with 6.2 k views, hundreds of upvotes but they still don't get anything. Even in the patch chat playtest thingy, I'm barely seeing any rioters actually address posts that have very valid points and arguments about the upcoming changes, like do they just not want to admit they're wrong? or are they intentionally ignoring them? Don't know what to say? I'm not trying to critisize riot or anything, just an observation I made, and it just doesn't seem fair that making a post about what kind of haircut should I get has a better chance of getting their attention then my concerns about where the game that people have invested a lot of time and money into is going.
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