Can we have more itemization please?

For example, I like the stats guardian angel gives (armor + AD) but I don't care for the effect and would rather have something that impacts my damage/HP instead of an extra life (which the value varies). Same thing with items like black cleaver. I like the stats it gives (damage/hp) and the effect is good, but sometimes I consider spear of shojin, as it gives more ad (60 AD compared to 40) but the effect is so niche and only good on specific champions it rules it out. Maybe I want a phage passive but I don't want cleaver or trinity, there is no 3rd option for example. Why not an item that gives 60 AD, armor, and an effect? Magic resist is the same boat. Unless you are building a support item, your options for a melee is spirit visage, wits end, or adaptive helm. Sometimes you can be in a game where none of the options are good. You could be playing a champion like vi with no life steal so visage isn't that good (unless you have people on your team that heals), adaptive helm is a good item but only against specific champions (like karthus), and thus is rarely the best option. Wits end, while good, lacks HP, but gives movement which is good, but attack speed can be fairly worthless on specific champions. The effect is has with healing off the damage is also a bit meh at that point in the game due to everyone building healing reduction items in this drain tank meta. And melees usually build steraks instead of maw because steraks is just such a powerful item. You can't build steraks + Maw together as you'd be wasting the effect of one. It just sucks that they made those items share the same unique passive so you can't build them both and they never filled the gap with an offensive/defensive item that gives a lot of what a meleer would want (damage + resists). Can't build banshees anymore on brusiers due to AP. So that's another MR item taken away from the bruiser pool. Riot really took away a lot of AP defensive itemization without giving anything to replace it with. Black cleaver for example just has so many stats that a bruiser wants. It really speaks for itself when people are just getting this item as their 1st 2nd item even in a meta where all people do is build damage, not resistances. I've seen a lot of games in MSI where people are building cleaver on Rek'sai despite 0 armor on the enemy team. Why? Because the stats are just what you want and no other item offer it besides spear, which is a waste on reksai. So yer. tell me what you think. I just think this game could use a lot more items to really expand the game.
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