Kept hearing Zyra was terrible, and unplayable, So i ran up a 74% winrate on her over 23 games

I originally wanted to run 30 games, and write a post about my results, it took 23 games for me to know all i needed. Heres my thoughts: Im not at the highest elo, im playing her support, and i could see how that could matter. Besides that i just dont see her as overly weak at all. Lack of knowledge on how to properly use a champion and build a champion is not grounds for them being weak. And that feels like most of the problem here. Some things of note after these games: - ZYRA has a literal metric ton of nuances that take a longgggg while to learn. - Knowing how to abuse her outrageous auto attack range is HUGE. - Knowing how to abuse her seeds for vision is HUGE. - Knowing how to manage her seed passive, and its resets, ESPECIALLY EARLY, are HUGE. - Rushing rylais and using it for targeted map control slows is HUGE. - Knowing how to use her full combo as an AOE counter engage is HUGE. And i feel these are all things the average zyra player just isnt doing....... A decent zyra mid game is almost unkillable. With the amount of vision and non stop targeted slows, shes actually insane. And her aoe burst counter engage+ cc is unmatched from a sup mage. In my opinion Rylais rush zyra is the best map control and counter engage support in game right now.
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