How is this fair? & Can I get answers?

I just finished a game losing pretty bad, I would just consider it 1 of my normal losses and just took a break and came back later. But then mid game I have this app called Overwolf and I have OP.GG installed into it. So this is what I got: Now it's pretty normal, you'll notice 3 things, blue side did extremely well, red side did very poorly particularly me. But you'll also notice that Sona is unranked in mid to high silver game. Why she is there, god knows, let me make this clear I am in no way shape or form bashing this player, besides it's not there fault at all. Having a look at the Sona's profile you'll notice that she indeed is in placements and has lot all her game so far including the game we are talking about right now: Now. My question is why this Sona is in our game, let me say this again I am in no way shape or form bashing this player, infact I'm actually friends with this person trying to teach them league. Anyways back to the point at hand, because of this we (The red side) are extremely disadvantaged as we have 4 people and 1 player that is completely out of rank, and we are up against a full team similar to our skill level, how in any way is that fair, now you might say she might have high MMR, well again, this person has lost all her games up to now. Although this person has lost every single game, this person does have a SIlver 5 MMR, 1. Losing 6/6 league games gives you a Silver MMR ? 2. Why is this person matched up with/against mid-to high silver? What should be done is that unranked should be put into games with other unranked players to really determine if they are better or not than the other unranked, or have both teams have 1 unranked. Although, putting 1 unranked on one team for example the blue team is giving the other team; the reds, an unfair advantage. Is it asking too much to just have players of similar rank battle it off together? and not have any others? Remember now, these are ranked games used to calculate which team is the better team. adding an unranked into 1 of the teams into the mix is completely unbalanced and poor match making. In essence what I'm trying to say is we could've potentially won if we just had another silver player, :) TL;DR Worst thing about it is that this is ranked, and that means we all lost LP, and there was nothing we could do about it. We couldn't win that game as 4 going up against 5. when we have an unranked that lost 5/5 of their placement matches & the match making shoudln't bring in unranked players and influence the game outcome. Yeah and the end game score was 15 v 39 Can I get answers please?
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