LeBlanc Does Not Need a Buff But Needs To Be Nerfed. Change My Mind.

Why does a champion with easy poke, good damage, and a snare need a buff??? Her laning phase is a breeze due to her easy poke combo of a 1-2 point and click and a single skill shot with an arguably larger hitbox than animation. Take her to the subject of ganking and once again she triumphs. Put her in a team fight and with half a mind anyone playing her can easily go in and out bursting a carry with little damage taken to herself. Another subject of importance is how easily she can escape ANYONE by just pressing her W. I am not specifically referencing the 9.16 patch but also prior patches giving LeBlanc even more of an edge versus any opponent. If I had to suggest a change it would to revert her AP ratio buff, keep her base damage, and lower her AP ratio scaling on her Q and W since those are the basis of her kit and inarguably easy to land even for beginners.
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