So When is ryze nerf and when his next rework ?

if u watched World or ask Any player in d2 +, He will tell u That ryze is so broken rightnow. Riot argument for ryze is that his late game champ that suppose to be weak early and hard to play ... He's champ that power spike on {{item:3070}} not to mention he got top lane and bullie over half match up with out any counter play because phase rush make him untouchable and he does so much dmg on just {{item:3070}} and because he has such high base damage, u can letarly can build tank and out class everyone in ur game {{item:3110}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3003}} . he's practicly an auto laning phase win at this point in toplane. everyhigh elo toplaner perma bann ryze. "His hard to play" u letarly play ryze by smashing every button u have on cooldown and u can run away intel ur cd are back. ur only skillshoot is hard to miss since u have point click cc in ur kite... Just do something about this dumb champ already. everything about him is lie, he's jst street overpowered and only reason he has negative or low win rate is because everyone trying to abuse him meanwhile he finsh world with near 70 % wr over 40 % pick rate and 35 % bann rate. he's actualy impossible to play against as mele champ bc he's so tanky and does so much sustain damage and if he doesnt trade, he can just afk shove. Please nerf ryze pending rework
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