@riot The nidalee buff on PBE

It's really awesome that you guys are finally looking at buffing nidalee but can we take a minute t talk about whats on the pbe? If you only want to give her a small buff why not also make it something that makes her lanning better? This is the perfect chance. If you feel nidalee needs a buff or has room for one then it needs to be one that helps her in lane. The 10 damage to swipe does not do enough to help her. It also doesn't really help jungle nidalee either. Idk why you choose this type of buff but it does raise a sign for concern regarding what riot thinks nidalee needs. There is really never going to be a scenerio where 10 damage from swipe would save her or secure her a kill. Nidalee is all aobut snowballing and if she does that right that 10 damage is irrelevant as she is going to over kill her targets anyways. If she hasn't snowballed then that 10 damage isn't going to make up for it and her problems are still there. It's also a buff that makes her clear faster which is something nidalee does not need at all if anything her clear should be slowed down to allow room for her to gain power in other places. That's anthoer thing that would help to bring back lane nidalee as well. Just some thoughts on nidalee her buffs and her as a laner.
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