@Meddler Could we get some additional intel regarding the Zz'Rot changes?

On the PBE the ZzRot was changed to: VoidGate duration/cd: _150s -> 120s_ hp/lvl:_ 50 -> 0_ current%hp decay:_ 10% -> 20% /tick_ structure dmg: _5/lvl (90 total) -> 20/lvl (360 total)_ What are the goals of these changes? Since i dont have a PBE acc i cant test for more exact numbers :/ The range is decreased by ~25%. Minions will kill them super fast now (if the numbers are correct at surr@20, since the voidlings have only 40 base hp), making it pretty bad at autopushing/defending vs minion waves. The dmg vs towers is up by a lot! So im guessing this change is aimed to make ZzRot into a Siege and not a Splitpush item. But since the tower aggro priorites them (and its low hp) it cant "autodestroy" the towers any more. Which then again removes the "siege" part to a "only dive/after successfull dive, usefull item"... Which made me wondering. Are those assumtions correct? or did i miss something? But hey its on the PBE to be tested! So dont go super crazy rage mode! For now :D
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