Can we make it so cinderhulk doesn't automatically aggro jungle monsters?

This has been bothering me for a long time. Tanks are garbage in general, but they have one other weakness everyone always forgets. You can't even walk through your jungle without aggroing something, and it's f*cking stupid. What, you wanted to clear wards in the dragon pit? Too bad, if you go anywhere near it with a tank jungler you aggro it (whether you want to or not). And you better pray it's not an ocean drake, cuz if it is you'll also get cc'd and become an easy kill if the enemy team is nearby. Being chased through the jungle and need to escape? Don't even think about using that blast cone, cuz the monsters will just help the enemy secure the kill. TLDR cinderhulk shouldn't automatically aggro a monster just because I walked near it. You should actually have to attack it in order to aggro it. To make it fair, you can make it so cinderhulk only damages monsters AFTER you've attacked them.
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