So I played Morde adc with smite and ignite

And went 8/0/2, stomped lane, and won the game in 15 minutes. I had a Leona supp and went up against an ashe adc. Why smite tho? Well, scuttle changes mean focus scuttler. With Morde's sustain in jungle with w, plus the massive heal on smite on such a low CD, you can have super nice sustain and also MS to roam to seige objectives like towers and dragon. Since you sacrifice flash, you take the smite that steals MS while your Leona ccs them to ensure you get your damage off and you are healing like the necromantic warlord that you are. I'M TELLING YOU SMITE AND IGNITE MORDE BOT WITH LEONA SUPP IS BROKEN AS HELL, TRY IT FRIENDS it will only last this patch. I use Arey, Ultimate Hat (for chain ghosting of champs than dragons and vice versa), Celerity and Gathering storm. Secondary is taste of blood and Ravenous hunter. Smite is for dragon and scuttler control, sustain on a low CD, and moar sustain on a low CD. Ignite is for kill potential and DoT to finish off slippery enemies. (Also, w cast with ignite and ult is OP) If anyone is down to duo ranked with me as Leona supp in this game breaking bot lane; add me and I'll be on later tonight to knock some heads
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