Lux adjustments are MANDATORY at this point.

"Bitching about Lux post #203957", but I really want to throw my thoughts about this from my head. Unhealthiness (if this is even a word idk) of her just reached it's peak a this point in my opinion.Playing against this simple and easily exploitable, yet incredibly frustrating pick makes me just want to straight up hit Alt + F4 and wreck my keyboard.Let's be honest, at this point, only Luxes you may face are the ones that have played her for massive amounts of time, they learned how to land their bindings pretty much 100% of the time that feel like they last forever (ok, {{champion:25}} has a much longer binding but you get the idea) and, if you haven't picked something like {{champion:161}} or {{champion:63}} , Lux along with her ADC is going to out damage and zone you pretty much at all times.But hey, junglers exist, just ask for a gank and you'll be fine, yea ? Well, no it will not.If she just won't bind him for 3 weeks, she's going to end up with a double kill or force you to back out.Well you can just wait for her to use her abilities and then try to get them, right ? Nope, it's Lux, she doesn't know shit about cooldowns (that even got massively decreased few patches ago).That just leaves you (at least it feels like that) nearly defenceless against her, not to mention the anti-fun factor of facing her. Now, I know what you're thinking - "They leave her be like that just because they are making profit off the skins for her.Besides, she's not THAT popular in pro play so it's all a-okay" Profit thing is true, and we all know that.They have to make money in one way or another so I'm okay with that.What I'm not okay with is a really powerful pick is not going to be touched a single time if it doesn't have big enough impact in the competitive play (unless we are talking about {{champion:84}} , Rest in Peace, you didin't deserve getting gutted that badly).Fortunately, that has changed recently and I really hope this will be adressed once and for all. Agree with me or not, I don't really care.Just wanted to throw out my thoughts on why I've recently abandoned my favourite role, and quit playing SR games of any kind in general.She really deserves same level of gutting as {{champion:28}} in Season 2, and I will never change my mind until it happens.
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