Should Riot make a Mute chat in Client

I think most players here has seen it all, going through over 100+ games per year (some of us 1000+ games) and gone through a moment where they get toxic and get upset, hell maybe even throw the game, through it all, you would get chat restriction, more chat restriction and of course the line of temporally suspension and then permanent suspension. when it comes to it, the main reason you get hit with all this is because of one main thing, toxicity in chat. those moment leads to players getting banned from their own personal accounts they spend $50+ on this game. Many players use their moneys on this game and lose their accounts, due to the terms and conditions of the game, you cant retrieve your money back nor can you retrieve your purchase items and transfer them onto other accounts. So what the solution here? Well Riots of course set up a system code in the game that allows you to mute your team, HOWEVER, there are three downfalls, first, you have to be in each of those games to type down the code in chat (code being called "/muteall"). second, is that it doesn't fully mute everything, as stuff like pings and such will still go through, with players knowing this, you have to take not just one step, but two steps more because of this (muting their emotes and pings). Third, is that if you know that it just mute them and not yourself, then you know that you can text to them, kinda like a "one way communication" which of course weakens the communication power and cause so much disruptions to the game and other players. If you think this isn't so bad, imagine this instead, on a daily basis, call in about 2-3 games per day, now imagine you have to do all that i said above (muting all chat, emotes, and pings) over those past 2-3 games on a daily basis to each game. in the end, that type of conditioning is not easy to attain, players can sit there and say "oh just mute all" but even so, you can still get toxic and the method behind it isn't really healthy. So the question remains. should Riot game a mute all chat command come in client? well not only do i wanna agree to it, but i also wanna see some improvements to the mute all chat, in fact there should be a way to completely disable chat, pings and emotes in client. that way it can assist many players towards keeping their accounts. HOWEVER I already know they won't do that, why? because they gain too much benefits from this method. when players get banned, they make a new account and will have a high chance of buying skins, why? because when players get attach to their champions, players who main them at least, would want a skin to help show off their skills and care onto the champion, this also shows love towards the champion, when that happens, Riot gains money from that, thus having a loop that get them to gain money. To my belief, i highly doubt they hear words from their fan-based people about these simple stuff. Yes they continuously balancing the game out for us, but refuse to help create a cleaner sustainable fan-based games, all they seem to be doing is grabbing this game and poisoning it from the inside out without batting at eye to their fan based people

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