This may not be gameplay related, but it's for the people in gameplay, so Say what you will about Sona; I do all the time (and get downvoted about half the time, but not the point) Say what you will about any increase in discussion But one thing I have noticed is that among the people who actually care enough to join the discussion _**NONE OF US CAN FUCKING AGREE ON ANYTHING**_ At best, we agree there should be AOE because music. Literally nothing else has a consensus. Skillshots or keep abilities on herself? Sound Waves? New Passive or modify the current one? Invoker Sona? New Ult or leave such an iconic part of the kit? And so many other nuances and we are getting a grand total of nowhere. Brilliant At least Rito has a lot of potential if they ever decide to actually care about this champion. #ShotsFired
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