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I really don't need to explain why, but every rank game will always have at least 4 people who will flame you and tell you to uninstall League. Oh wait, that's everyone on your team unless you're a duo. But most of the time, you will be playing on your own. One factor of a good team in League is communication, telling your team what's going on around the map and figuring out what to do. However, since you're playing with a bunch of players you don't know, you don't have enough time to get to know each other. This causes people to make misleading judgments. For example, I was playing a game and our support demanded, yes demanded he said "I demand," you guys to play more aggressive. But the reason why we didn't want to play aggressive was because of the champions we played. I played Nasus{{champion:75}} I'm tanky but not that tanky, so I can't be that much of a frontline or else I'll die. My support wanted our mid-laner Malzahar{{champion:90}} to ult aggressively, but since his ult has a short range, the victim's suppression is also Mal's death. Our jungler is Rengar{{champion:107}} and our ADC was Ashe{{champion:22}}, both can't go up close and personally. Sure Rengar maybe, but in the end, everyone was way too squishy. This is a huge flaw of low elo player, they are way too selfish. They don't care about their team, only their elo and getting a high rank. Sure high elo player do the same, but go to twitch and see how many players flame their team for making a mistake. Yeah exactly only one, and that's Tyler1. In my opinion, the reason why twitch streamers like Nightblu3 and Pokimane are fun to watch isn't because there're at a rank, but because they make League look fun. Pokimane shows that girls can also play video games in a patriotic community and Nightblu3 uses anime girls that appeal to many anime fans. Overall, the reason why low elo players can't climb that easily is because of their own behavior, their too selfish. Sure there are people like me who are there to stop team flaming, but they don't appear that often. But there's one more thing I want to point out, the difference between ranked, non-ranked draft, and PBE. All 3 have draft picking, but PBE doesn't have a ban phrase (for some reason). All 3 modes also force players to work with people they don't know. However, in draft and PBE, you don't know the other team's elo, so skill is technically "random". In my history, I win a lot more non-ranked and PBE games than ranked games. In all of my games, I see people flame each other, but players settle their differences in most of my games, that aren't ranked. So the real question isn't if players can climb out to Bronze. The real question is how do we make players get along with each other in the most worst-case-scenarios? What is the real difference between PBE, non-ranked draft, and ranked draft? What is the hugest flaw of low elo players? Let me know, and thank you for your help.

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