Meet battlemages (AKA control mages), the champions left to rot if Riot doesn't want them in LCS

Are you a mage? Are you designed for being able to stay in a teamfight longer than the 3 seconds average of the other mages? Do you barely have some synergy with a keystone or none at all? If you do happen to have said synergy, did that keystone get gutted because of it? Are you forced to build pure mana for the first 20 minutes since the mana nerf apocalypse from last year? Did you ever get picked in some pro championship as an emerging or off-meta pick just to get stomped by the nerf hammer a week later? Do you have to give up any hopes of winning lane when the opponent locks-in an assassin, even if you are supposed to fare well against them? Did you get any slight or major rework so people played you for 2 weeks, then got forgotten for months about you until the meta somewhat shifts for you? If you answered positive to most of these, then ~~I'm sorry~~ congratulations, you are a battle mage!! Now, the next two questions will have an huge impact on your viability, good luck: 1- Does Riot have some unknown bias or favoritism for you? 2- Are you able to play top? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then congratulations again! You are meta and you'll stay this way until your answer for these questions become negative! If, on the contrary, you answered no, I'm sorry (I really am) but you'll need to wait another major rework in either your kit or any field concerning mages until you MIGHT be able to do something for some weeks in the meta.
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