Removal of macro play is actually killing this game.

This game is removing macro play from everything from skillshots to damage output, to constant AOE. What used to require some amount of player skill (Not champion skill) to use a character to great potential no longer does. mechanics put into the game either remove or extremely baby the things that actually required some forethought. #1) Have no AOE or waveclear? Buy some. What used to require forethought of 'how do i push this wave?' 'how will my team defend from this pushed wave' is basically gone. Purchasable AOE on every single class has basically negated the need of "X person should recall because they have good waveclear", now EVERYONE does. Single target marksman? Buy statik shiv. Single target assassin? Buy tiamat Single target or high cooldown mage? Buy a hextech item or echo. Tank? Buy sunfire cape or Iceborn gauntlet Support? Redemption cooldown fairly low with all the new stuff and general high damage and aoe cc will cover a wave. This level of macro play is totally gone. Every champion in the game now either has aoe waveclear or can purchase it. Pushing a wave then roaming or recalling has devolved into whether they will be there to collect it, and fighting with a shoved wave has devolved to whether or not an enemy will recall to clear it. I can no longer plan a fight thinking "Either they will lose top inhibitor turret, or we will get to have a fight without the enemy Anivia." This level of play is gone. #2) Skillshots are now either extremely minimal or aided by things to help hit them With a few key exceptions (Mostly outdated kits like {{champion:81}} ) Every single person in the game that has a skillshot in the kit has either tools to help land it, or mechanics to help reduce the missing factor. {{champion:142}} Fat hitbox, extremely fast missile speed and AOE to hit behind creeps with low cooldown, aided by a cc in her kit (Which also has similar factors) {{champion:126}} Fat hitbox, extremely fast missile speed and AOE to hit behind creeps {{champion:150}} Low cooldown, relatively large hitbox, hiding behind creeps has a medium impact. {{champion:51}} Traps to root and E to slow (Which combos into a mechanic that shouldnt be in the game in the first place), hiding behind creeps only reduces damage {{champion:202}} deceptive hitbox, slows from traps combo into easier W hit and a full trap hit, hiding behind creeps does nothing {{champion:240}} dash to get in range and keep them in range, hiding behind creeps does nothing {{champion:64}} low cooldown, 3 abilities to manipulate how you hit them, hiding behind creeps has minimal impact {{champion:89}} Ult stun to keep them in place, hiding behind creeps does nothing {{champion:103}} Charm, medium hitbox, hiding behind creeps does nothing {{champion:36}} Low cooldown {{champion:245}} If you would even call it a skillshot, large frontal aoe and slow on the ability, hiding behind creeps does nothing {{champion:420}} Fat hitbox, but not nearly as bad as the other skillshots in the game. And this list goes on. Practically ever skillshot has other factors that baby whether you will hit it or not. Hiding behind creeps no longer does anything because most of them double as waveclear, or just go through creeps entirely. This fucking sucks. Usually this is major parts of the kit and removes potential outplay from the opponent. Something that usually required a decent amount of player skill to be effective gets babied to the point where it no longer does while simultaneously removing agency from the opponent #3) Enemies dont need to capitalize on mistakes to still take advantage of them Increased death timers, increased damage towards turrets, and overall snowball mechanics of games lead to where people don't even need to do ANYTHING to still reap extra rewards from enemy mistakes. Lets say, I kill my opponent but i'm low in lane. I kill one creep, and back to base. The wave is now pushing towards the enemy turret, denying the enemy gold. Creeps are doing extra damage to turrets, the longer death timer means an enemy cant come back to lane to reduce that lead or take action before *I* come back. Despite doing LITERALLY NOTHING, I still reaped a ton of rewards for my enemy's mistake. I did extra damage to their turret. I denied them gold. They are off the map longer. These add up, a lot. #4) Normally high skill cap classes are no longer difficult to play, and despite playing or building them poorly other factors still lead to them being effective. ADC used to be one of the hardest classes to play in the game. Balancing harass and last hitting in the laning phase, positioning, orb walking, and intense macro play used to be required to play the class well. Now they get babied. More gold in lane means they become effective faster. Higher power in an RNG effect makes misplays less hurting if you get lucky. Supports gaining extremely more baby factors (Tons of shields, healing, and peeling) means even if an enemy adc walks headfirst into an enemy team, they can still survive. The hardest class in the game has become a class that has the entire game revolve around it because of its influence, not only that, you've made it so piss easy to play the class that actual player skill matters nearly nothing (Except when against an adc that DOES have player skill) which just turns this game into a disaster. Might I add this is entirely unique to league of legends. League of Legends is the only moba to have a single class have the biggest impact on a game by a skyrocketed lead AND have an entire class devoted to them. Smite, Dota 2, and HOTS all have supports, but they are primarily focused on supporting their team primarily and the carries secondary. League is the only game where an entire class is focused on supporting their adc primarily and their team secondary. Because crit has THAT much impact on the game. While having player skill is important and is down to who is the best adc, the class has so much shit pushed towards them that even if they are piss poor at the game you still cant leave them alive in case they get lucky or annihilate your team. Once again agency is taken away from the players, and towards the adc's. Jungler timers, overall buffed camps, and detecting enemy buffs respawning has devolved the jungle role into a 'who can gank bot lane most' because every other skill factor has been removed. Me taking time to ward the enemy jungle to know when his buff will be up has been removed. Me knowing when my camps respawn has been removed Me having efficient pathing because camps used to have different impacts depending on who you play, has been removed. Almost all of the player skill has been removed from the jungle class. The second most influential class in the game has devolved to 'take 2 buffs and one camp and go top lane, then camp bot'. That's it. #5) More champions are becoming more and more effective in trading in damage meta, with rune pages that tack on free damage to everything. Playing an in-date champion is more important then ever. Champions are being released and updated to be so powerful in trades that if you are even slightly disadvantaged you get crushed from the sheer damage on everything. {{champion:142}} is a great example. Double passive proc gives your auto attacks 3 buffs (not counting {{item:3057}} ) which can almost outtrade out of date champions by itself if you miss everything else. Baby factors make the counterplay less and less effective and making trading power an extreme, which puts that players influence over the game significantly higher than other players with less potent trading. In conclusion: The overall lack of agency in this game has devolved the laning phase into 'who's champion trades better' and the rest of it into 'kill bot lane and keep yours alive'
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