@Riot: Please don't remove Normals Draft in other servers

LAS player here: Normals Draft are the only type of game I play because Blind Pick tilts me to no end. I hate having to put up with instalockers and ragers and not being able to ban the champions I hate so I always have to face off against a {{champion:157}} , {{champion:238}} and {{champion:64}} in the enemy team every. Single. Game. I can't stand people who don't respect calling order and instalock midlane even when someone else already called mid, so when the game starts you're stuck with 2 midlaners and no support. It drives me mad to queue up wanting to play a specific champion and someone beating me to that role so I have to waste 20+ minutes playing someone I didn't want just to have a shot at it in the next game, assuming I even have time for 2 games in a single evening. The endless dodges by people who had something of the above happen to them makes the queue completely insufferable. Removing Normals Draft is essentially killing normals for me, I will be forced to only play Ranked from now on, which means I can never try out new champions, test new builds or play with friends again (because all my friends are Bronze while I'm Gold, so I can't queue with them). Please reconsider your decision. I'd rather grind my own balls off with a cheesegrater than queueing up for Blind Pick ever again in my life.
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