The game lacks basic logic

Nothing make sense. The game needs to be defined a little better. Its all too insane right now. All tanks should be more tanky, slower and do less damage across the board. Items besides boots should stop giving movement speed. Instead, movement speed is deducted by purchasing items that are heavy like armor. Armor should provide more defense at a price. Assassins should be completely useless against tanks (not literally) with armor, due to their increased tankiness and increased benefit of armor. Magic resist items should offer more magic resist and less of other attributes Guardian angel is stupid. Its armor. Why is it giving AD? Why do we have to kill so many champions twice while they hardly give up anything by building it? CC should be more counterable by offering more ways to get tenacity at the cost of giving up health, defense, damage etc. There should be more options for summoner spells, to make Flash less ubiquitous. Damage overall across the board, should be lowered by at least 10% The closer you are to 1 shotting enemies, the less counterplay there is. Imagine watching a boxing match where, the first person to get hit by they first punch nearly always loses. That would be lame and awful and boring.
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