So whats the counterplay to veigar?

Usually when i want to find out how to fight a champ, i play them myself to figure out how the heck im supposed to beat them (zoe was no different, i tried her and found out shes nothing without her e, and if you stay a good distance from your minions, her harass is non existant, and has terrible farming under tower, so shoving her is optimal). I played this game vs a veigar support and realized "wait..... How do i do this?" So naturally, i did just that and played him. Im still confused on direct counterplay, because the only thing i found is that he has terrible mobility, so a gank before level 3 is good for early snowballs, but then again, i can just cast event horizon on top of me for a get out of jail free card if i start it, or after lvl 3 (bonus points if im engaged and they hit it). I can just pew pew farm and get AP, micro trading usually ends in me getting more out of it, and it dosent matter how you keep me down, once that timer hits 25, stuff is going down. If i miss my E, you're still zoned from creeps, and my w is almost garunteed from it if you're inside. Any help is much appreciated

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