When Mario Kart has less RNG than this "competitive" "esport" game

**Mario Kart** * Influence over what track you play online with a voting system roulette. * Generally know what you're going to get if you're behind or ahead so you can plan for your next move * Easily see whos the better driver able to come out on top, even when you're dealt a random item. **League** * Shit out of luck with RNG dragon map, get screwed or get a jackpot, because it's a a complete coinflip that breaks individual champion balance * No way to plan or strategize ahead of time in pregame for game breaking RNG buffs and super buffs that favor individual champions at random * Complete coinflip blowout games where the majority is unwinnable or won before the champion select starts because shit matchmaking snowball Dragons are an awful gimick and season10 is just going to make everything worse. It's laughably Ironic how League would be better if it was more like mario kart and it's a party game for fuck sake. Dragons could be team voted on like bans, but instead all we get is a spin of the wheel and a finger, pushing the auto win/lose ratio from to be more like 45/45 and the only games you can win through skill is the last 10% Just adapt bro!
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