The Heck is up with the Circlejerk?

What even is this? Almost every other post I see is whining for Ekko to be majorly nerfed, and when playing as him or playing against him I haven't really noticed a need for that. Sure, if he gets fed he's annoying, but no more so than other champions if they get fed. His ult has a high AP scaling, yes, but it puts him in a very vulnerable posistion. He telegraphs a lot (dont follow an Ekko when you have low health, just like a Singed), especially with his W. If your team gets caught in that W they kind of deserve to die with how long the delay is on the stun. Everyone just loves to QQ when they get beat by a champion whose mechanics they feel like they shouldn't have to learn and still be able to crush. "OOOO I'm low, how about I stand in that mirage that Ekko guy is leaving behind?" *R* "OP NERF PLS NO WAY I COULD HAVE AVOIDED THAT."
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