@Riot, I seriously advice you to make "let's fix it" the motto of Season 10 when you'll develop it

You can't go on forever powercreeping your favorite aspects of the game and only half-nerfing them when too much people complain about them. Its not healthy at all and it has been going on for far too long that the state of the game has suffered from it and it shows. The frequency of compensation buffs and released champions being way over the top is also way too high. Damage is way too high and tons of feedback (if another smartass tries to argue about feedback sources, just stop living under a freaking rock) from actual players, be it content creators, pro players or not, are just complaining about how everything in the game is so snowbally and glasscannon-y. Its pretty obvious that you need to shift the game in a whole new direction if you actually want to satisfy your original community (which is something that nobody really knows if you want it or not, given your recent behavior), yet you don't show any motivation to do so in the 2 months or so left for you to do any actual balancing before saying "Yep, Worlds time, devs are now sleepîng". So, please, just seriously consider making Season 10 THE season for you to fix the multitude of crumbs of past errors that you left in your wake for the past 3-4 years.
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