Indecisiveness Loses Games.

Look, i understand that you don't trust your Solo Que laner's, i understand their stranger's and you don't want to make mistakes. But make a decision and stick with it, it's better to get something done than sit in one spot thinking of what you COULD do, the enemy team won't be just sitting there twiddling their thumbs while you wonder aimlessly trying to figure out what to do. Their going to get thing's done, you need to be the instigator for your team doing at least SOMETHING. I'm honestly so tired of playing champions with engage and playing champions who need engage. Because one way or another, my team will not go in, their to afraid of the outcome to just go, well sorry you can't be afraid of the outcome because that's exactly how you lose. It's better to die getting something than to not die and never accomplish anything at all.
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