tanks are obsolete because all they offer is CC

in a design era where everybody is given a snare stun or pull just to fill up their spell slots because every new champion needs to have an answer for every situation, this simply doesn't work unless the tank has especially BS CC. (nautilus, alistar) and for a while they did; s7 tank rework, Ornn, Galio. but riot has rightfully nerfed their CC after seeing that, no, sejuani stunlocking you from the other end of the lane for 4 is not cool or balanced at all now these champions are all just lesser bruisers and completely irrelevant because other champions now have just as good CC and plenty of damage too. Its no coincidence that a lot of the strongest mages right now are the ones who are packing CC chains Ive said it for years and years now that tanks should not only exist to shit out CC on everything near them and now we see the result of that design coming to its end; nobody gives a shit about these champions or wants them on their team unless they're just flatly overtuned like sejuani and Galio keep ending up being
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