Why can't I play lethality jinx mid?

On the outside I have to admit that it sounds really stupid but please listen to me. In my games iv'e been playing lethality Jinx mid and I am able to beat my lane opponent, get fed, and carry games. People who have never played it before or never been in a match with it before tell me that because I am jinx mid we are lacking an assassin and have no ap damage. If the support is ap (75% of the time an ap mage) and we have an adc to deal consistent damage why does it matter that I go assassin off build? I am able to 2 shot squishes and immobilize picks from extreme range and chain cc them. My ultimate also executes at a huge window. There have been countless time I have saved people from getting killed and was actually able to peel for the adc and 2 shot the support and enemy adc. Me playing Jinx mid I am not taking up a slot for a tank or an adc by building this bot lane. So I don't see the team griefing people say playing this mid does. I am able to perform the job of an assassin and other benefits. Why does it matter that it comes in the form of jinx? I mostly play her mid because I get solo xp which allows me to carry a game easier and allows me to prevent a potential mid lane from feeding. Sometimes when the enemy has enough tanks I go regular mid incase botlane does badly (if we have an assassin jungle) and again, I get solo xp and easier cs than bot lane at its current state. I expect this post to be downvoted the living hell out of.
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