Awful balance and champ design has ruined this game.

This meta is seriously nothing but tanks that do as much damage as carries, whilst being harder to lock down and kill because of their 5k hp, and often having their own CC. For instance, WW, who builds 5k HP, and then gets to play like an assassin, 2 hitting an ADC WITHOUT ulting them, and fearing everyone around him. Tanks should not have enough damage to 1v3 or even 1v5. Period. Way to go ghostcrawler, you've ruined another game. League has gone so incredibly far downhill in the last few years. If this game came out today, with balance and champ design in the state that it's in, it would be laughed at. The only reason anyone still plays this game is because they were drawn in when it was actually a decent game, and now we just stick around like an abused spouse in a toxic relationship.

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