Create a Third Rune Slot for Base Stats!

Hey all, I think we all agree that the new Runes Reforged system seriously limited our creativity for base stats. By removing the old system, we could no longer have flexibility with defensive runes and offensive runes like _AD/AP/MR/ARMOR_. I believe Riot acknowledged this by having Iron Skin and Mirror Shell in the resolve tree, but alas, they're now gone. I think the main problem with the current Rune Reforged system is - A) The lack of variety of base stats. (Currently the system only offers AD/AP/AS and Health) B) The restriction towards whatever two trees you pick. (Say you want Domination + Sorcery. What if you're an attack speed reliant champion? Too bad, you're locked in with AD/AP only - You SHOULD be able to choose Riot.) Which leads me to my proposed solution that would in my opinion solve all of these problems, **Introduce a 3rd Rune Slot** There is so many creative directions Riot could take with this. You could have 3 columns like - > > AD • AP • AS > >MR • HP • Armor > > AD • AP • AS Column 3 being more powerful than Column 1. Think of it like the quintessences of the old system. So you could have - > > 22 AP (7 + 15) > > or > > 7 AP + 13%AS Anyway, I hope Riot will take some sort of direction with base stats next preseason, whatever it may be, and give more power back to the player. _P.S. If you like the idea, give it a +1 vote. It took a couple hours to create a visual representation of the 3rd rune page, so it would be appreciated!_
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