Renekton after Shojin removal

Hello everyone, I am a diamond level Renekton main for quite a while and I could not help but feel frustrated hearing the news about vaulting Shojin but I could see the logic behind it (his synergy with Jax and Riven was broken no doubt). Renekton had always struggled after midgame before Shojin and even when viable he was mostly a cheesy early game pick, mostly due to his huge cooldowns later on and ineffectiveness as either an assassin or a tank. However, I thought of the concept that a Shojin-like passive could be added into his rank 3 ulti. By then, he should have fallen off quite a bit, so this would just barely make him relevant and shouldnt be hard to deal with. I could analyse it way longer but I would like to see some first thoughts and feedback.
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