Learn How to Ward Properly

Standard warding doesn't work for every jungler, and we know that. Lee can ward hop from any wall, Zac has HUGE range, Kha'zix will go invisible if he doesn't jump on you first, etc. Think about the jungler you're up against and consider their possible pathing when you ward. Get control wards as much as possible to increase the chances that you'll be well-defended. If you can, get wards up in the enemy jungle (when it seems like a good idea. Don't go on a suicide mission for one ward) so you know where they're farming. Here are some typical warding locations we see: Top: http://imgur.com/dEPwuhw Mid: http://imgur.com/0kjrGKs Bot: http://imgur.com/NBzhRqe These are basic locations that cover the river and alert you to standard ganks, especially those that happen early or on less mobile junglers. Here are some areas to consider if you're up against a more mobile champ, or you're in top or bot where blast cones are more gank-friendly: Top: http://imgur.com/u4354s8 Mid: http://imgur.com/fN0wClU Bot: http://imgur.com/q3MS1xB Scuttle is, of course, VERY obvious, but having the area next to blast cones warded prevents the surprise of them being used. Raptors in mid also alert you to the possibility of Lee, Zac, or Khazix coming to eat your face. Other helpful areas to ward: http://imgur.com/hNuLPeG http://imgur.com/flKkoPI http://imgur.com/yN5xh4p Deep wards grant you the best vision. You'll want control wards up often and, if you can, wards on enemy buffs. Dragon and Baron are obvious points to contest as well, but early-game especially, you'll want to know where that enemy jungler is at all times. If you know any other helpful tips, drop 'em below! :)
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