Balanced things in LoL

I love how {{champion:24}} q is basically an {{champion:84}} ult with better scaling and early game damage, just without storing charges but on a 4s cd I love how {{champion:33}} 's taunt and powerball + tankiness gives him a mini {{champion:72}} ult on a 12s cd I love how {{champion:10}} can delete an entire team and give invunerability to a carry I love how tanksuo has 0 risk while still chunking u for 1000+ damage a second with that giant shield for no reason, as well as kiting melees with that dumb frozen mallet I love how {{champion:31}} can 100-0 an adc with 4k hp I love how {{champion:39}} can cheese anybody except darius at level 4-5 and snowball like hell from there i love how {{champion:24}} can smash a turret and ignore an adc but when the turret is down and {{champion:24}} is at 10% hp he can just jump on the adc and kill them in an instant I love how {{champion:38}} is untouchable by any ap mid] I love how {{champion:92}} gets huge ad scaling on not only her basic abilities, but her ultimate AND EVEN HER PASSIVE Much balances {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:39}} Such wow much gg gj rito

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