Yasuo and his ult safety

Look, I know Yasuo isn't broken or anything, he's just frustrating go against. A fuckton of dashes in lane, damage when he easily gets close etc but i just wanted to talk quickly about the amount of safety in his kit. For a risky, high skill cap champ, he has a shield to save him that refreshes when he ults, a windwall that blocks all damage through it (which honestly, needs to be swapped with Braum's shield or something), dashes to keep dodging shit in minions. Hella wave clear as well, but just. the one frustrating thing I went against is the fact that his ult automatically places him out of turret range, so he can easily tower dive and not be punished for it. [What happened via Twitter](https://twitter.com/nekoabuki/status/993049015573860355) Look, I'd kill for his windwall to just be like the second part of braum's, that alone would make me so happy, but I just wanted to talk shit about how his ult moves him to be safe while tower diving (since i felt frustrated from it). No-one else has that protection in the game, and just needs looking at.
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