Can we nerf this ridiculous champ yet?

{{champion:104}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:104}} Ever since the scuttle changes this abomination of a ranged, bruiser, burst adc w/ mobility has been running rampant in the jungle. In plat + AND diamond+ {{champion:104}} has a winrate above 51%, along w/ banrates around 30% and pickrates around 20% in both these levels. Yes the scuttle changes shifted the meta to favor graves, since he is strong dueling in the river over scuttles, however this champion just has too much, he has burst, sustained damage, mobility with an attached defensive steroid, and AOE utility from his smoke-screen (and I think people underestimate just how strong "nearsight" is in teamfights/skirmishes). Maybe, just maybe graves should give up some of his burst, or tankyness for all the other benefits he gets from his kit. When he's banned 3/10 games in plat+/diamond+, and picked 20% of the time when he's not banned that maybe should tell you that the champion is a bit too strong, just maybe.
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