My guide on how to fix League.

1. Stop balancing this game around having a 50% WR at plat+ and instead balance it around EVERYTHING having counterplay. 2. Scrap 8.11 except for base stat/scaling stat changes to marksman. 3. Remove {{item:3031}} and replace it with a similar crit item that isn't just a massive damage buff passive, and make {{item:3086}} cost 1500 gold (adding 300 to total price of all zeal items). 4. Stop adding true damage it's toxic and anti-fun. 5. Give turrets black cleaver passive or something similar, make them apply grievous wounds every 3rd hit, and bring back fortification. 6. Remove {{item:3147}} and replace it with another mobility enhancing item that gives lethality; {{item:3142}} can be used to get into the fight and the replacement for {{item:3147}} can help you get out. 7. Prioritize anti-fun/one dimensional champions for reworks instead of new items/runes/champs ({{champion:35}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} etc) 8. Stop making CDR so easily available to every role, make them have to choose between being able to spam or being able to actually hurt a lot. 9. No champion should be able to oneshot unless they are extremely fed and or have Dark Harvest ({{item:3147}} removal should fix this mostly) 10. Make dying more impactful and punishing, reward smart players for playing smart. 11. Make consecutive deaths lower your gold value more quickly, and make shutdowns worth more. 12. MAKE LCS PLAYERS HAVE THEIR OWN DEDICATED SERVER FOR LCS GAMES THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM LIVE! WE'RE TIRED OF CHANGES TO OUR GAME BECAUSE OF PROFESSIONAL ABUSE. 13. Make tenacity work on displacements, even if it makes it look dumb. Anything anyone wants to add or discuss?
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