Stat shards

Instead of these stat shards which almost do nothing, cant Riot make something like the Odyssey shards which you get for playing a champion For example on Akali (You can only enable 1 of these shards by a row just like the old masteries and when you reach lvl 4 you would be able to upgrade your ultimate) Lvl 1: "YOU CANT SEE ME MY TIME IS NOW!" (I rlly dont know the name for this one) Akali shroud duration is increased by 0.30 seconds "Sharpened knives" Akali Q damage is increased by 10 "Ninja flips" Akali E flip backwards is increased (dunno by how much but not by a lot) Lvl 2: "Better lasso" Akali passive (Assassin's Mark) has increased range "Extra rest" Akali shroud energy restore is increased by 10 On the 5th, 6th & 7th lvl you could get new additional things to your champion For example: "Poisonous knives" Akali Q gets a poison effect that deals 35 damage over time "Know your enemy" Akali R doesnt get any damage buffs but gets an execution meter AND SO ON If you dont like these shards I mentioned, they dont need to be but this was just an example, or even we could have those that downgrade some point of your kit but upgrade the other That would actually for me make a lot more sense and it would refresh the game a lot more, oh and lets not forget if that happens, which we all know it wont, you could actually see a difference between a lvl 1 Mf and a lvl 7 Mf with 1M mastery points
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