Please stop prioritizing Luden's Echo over Rab cap on Viegar...

Am I missing something? All these silver Veigars wait till 6th item to build Rabadons Deathcap... He is the #1 champion in the game that benefits from it the most. The game is over before they even build it.. if they were even planning to build it with a tome in their 6th slot neways. If I were to tell you one item will give u 250+ AP over the 100ap item with cooldowns a lil movespeed and a passive extra dmg.. these guys might stop and think first. Rab cap strengthens every one of the items you bought + your passive... I DONT GET IT! Viegar is the only mage in the game that can have 1000ap+ Why not buy an item that can give u 350ap extra... When you buy rab cap on veiger, you are literally buying 2 heavy items.. Now u don't have to build it 1st item.. not 2nd but atleat by 3rd item not including boots.. BUT 6th ITEM? and not even finish it? and come in 5th-6th place for dmg in the game COMON.

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