Evelynn's Buff on The PBE

As an Evelynn Main, i'm happy she's getting buffed, even though i don't think it was necessary but i have to say. Why increase the damage on her R? Sure occasionally i wouldn't kill someone with a Flash Ulti at level 6 despite dealing Double Damage but i mean, that's usually my B. I really REALLY would have prefered that if you were to give any buff's to her it would be the 40% cooldown refund on her ultimate(This buff was on the PBE a long time ago but never made it live) because instead of increasing evelynn's damage, she doesn't need it and my nearly 300k mastery points tell me i can say that. Rewarding the evelynn player for successful kills with her ultimate seems more fitting to me. Side Note: This buff does make killing tanks pre level 16 easier, but why does it need to be easier? I never really had trouble executing people with my ultimate, what i do have problems with are things that i'm SUPPOSED to have problems with. I don't get this buff, i think it's unnecessary and i'd much prefer to be rewarded for my kills, rather than just a base damage increase until she becomes too strong one day and get's nerfed into the ground.
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