Swain Nerfs did NOTHING.

Hi guys, so I'd like to input a few things on Swain in this thread. Please, keep an open mind, and only respond once you read the entire thread. Thanks! I think that at the moment, Swain is strong. Is he overpowered? Depends on how you look at it. If you think he can 1v5 an enemy team, that is possible, but what I am really focusing on is his ultimate. The rest of his kit is balanced, but it's his ultimate. The nerfs that recently went through, 10 -> 20 seconds on his ultimate did nothing. Here's why. If say you had a toxic concoction, that could only be used every day. But, it could destroy an entire country. But then, something happened to the concoction, and it could only be used every two days. It STILL WILL DESTROY AN ENTIRE COUNTRY. This is the exact same thing for Swain, his ultimate heals and deals so much, that the cooldown seems to have done nothing. If you want to fix Swain completely, revert his cooldown changes, to make Swain more spammy like before, but nerf his R all around, so that he heals less, and deals less. (I don't want to gut Swain, but lower his healing and damage). Look, you may disagree with me on this, but, please keep an open mind!

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