Tried to come back after 2 years, this game just isn't fun anymore?

So, i left league of legend 2 years back , and have been playing FF14 since then, completly different kind of game, i havn't watched WCS last year but this years with fnatic going all the way to the final i decided to watch, and to try playing this game again. and 2 years of playing a game where people flaming at each other are extremely rare , where player are in majority really nice , really made me realize just how bad league of legend is. You see, i wont lie, i used to be a little bit toxic at lol, you wouldn't see me tell things like "kys" or "get cancer" but i would argue with people for far too long. i've learned to be a very chill kind of player during my days on ff14 , also got part of raid progression community, got a top 50 world first clear and last raid, but even at high level of play everybody is joking about their mistake and the group mistake. on the other hand , i am barely lvl 20 right now on a account i decided to start again for lol, and every single game people are flaming, i've seen multiple time already things like "slit your wrists" or "you and all your family should die", people flaming in french, people flaming in italian, it's bad , it sucks, and after so many years you still dont even need to use another mail adress to create multiple account, it's so easy to create account that "permabanned" people really are not. they just create smurf and absolutly RUIN the new gamer experience. I even want to say it's not bringing me any fun to play that game when i see people arguing at each other all game long , i actually already desinstalled it, beceause it's hard to even play reading the chat, and at the moment i have to mute everybody i'm already tilted and in a bad mood beceause of chat. What i mean is even now for me it's tempting to try and tell these kid just how wrong they are to flame, and start to argue, only to get insulted myself, and become toxic myself beceause i just can't understand how you ban be such an A-hole and that drives me crazy. That's just how bad of an influence this community is to me. riot, it's a joke that you havn't , after all these years, make it a little bit harder to create account, and i can guarantee if creating new account would take more than the 20 second it actually takes, some permabanned player would not be playing this game anymore. now let's talk about balance, I know all of you are complaining about damage being too high, now, coming back 2 years later, i can only agree, wtf have riot done to their game? i know i'm nowhere as good as i used to be (i peaked at diamond 4 ) , but still i feel like i'm getting bursted no matter who i'm playing against in less than 2 sec at the slighest mistake, no place for strategies, no place for thinking, 0 place for comeback as everything is sooo snowbally, i feel like now it's all about playing your SOLOQ champion with fancy mechanic and roll on everybody, idk about you but what made me fall in love with that game was the STRATEGY, the slow transition into late game (late game doesn't even really exist anymore), the itemization, but apparently riot prefer to release (or rework) champion to have 6 ability in 4, with each 2 passive, text that takes my entire screen to explain the ability, WHY? league of legend should be SIMPLE. i simply can't understand what a champion rly does without spending 10 min reading their ability, is it the case with annie? shen? fiddlestick? a champion should be simple enough so you can figure out what they do after playing against them 2-3 time, sorry but i have still no idea what new irelia and akali does, yes i was lazy to read their rework, but rly i never got so annoyed trying to play against champion, basically when against one of these two i'm playing underturret all laning phase beceause i have no idea how they work. rly this game died after season 5 juggernaut patch in my opinion, THE patch where we started to see weird number like +200 ad for 5 darius stack, i remember being surprised back then , highest ad steroid was probably the sion one, which was a LOT smaller (something around 80 right?), and since then they kept giving more and more and more and more damage to every single class in this game, complety removing the strategic aspect of this game. i miss season 2-3-4 so much. **TDLR : This game is dying beceause of riot choices, there is not even ONE new player that will go through the pain of being flamed by kid telling him to KYS every damn game, on top of being destroyed by zed/yasuo/katarina/riven/irelia/akali permabanned smurf. at least i could'nt do it and i was very nostalgic to play again, but a game is played to have fun and league of legend is to fun what masochism is to sex. **
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