The new way of getting BE is disgusting

So pretty much everyone know that the new lv up to get BE is a rip off at this point so I wont go much into that I play in the past 2 day 7 game ( 5 win, 2 lose) in total to lv up, I open a capsule got a total of 810 BE With the old system I would have at least 950 Ip or more, and there that. Okay so why do I think that the new system is disgusting? One of the thing that I (and many other) enjoy about LoL is that getting reward right after a game system. I LOVE the feeling of getting a reward for my effort right after I finish the game, not the level up to get stuff system. The reason It work for some of those other game out there because either that is the core mechanic of the game, or that their game is easy to level up/have short matches, and/or the reward is worth getting and you feel like you actually earned it. It just wont work well for LoL, It just doesn't seem like a reward but a force grind. Disgusting. And for those of you who don't know A Leveling Capsule can contains champ shards with a BE value of either 810, 900, 960, or 1,240. The fact that how much BE you get is base on RANDOM CHANCES or luck is just disgusting to me, how is that fair or feel good if you are unlucky? Sure some people will say you will not get unlucky forever and eventually will get a good Capsule and it will balance out, to that I say: Yes but why don't just give a fixed amount of BE per level then. It is more fair that way, right? Oh yeah, as the more you level up the harder it get too, which I honestly don't know why it even a thing Riot did speak about it very clearly, or at all to be honest. (Insert because Riot like money joke here). I am fine with changes, it is a way to make the game feel fresh how ever I don't think Leveling reward id the way to go. Either it need to be fixed to feel more rewarding, fix it so level up is a faster process, or just keep the old system. And if you are wondering. Yes I will still play the game, just maybe less, I am not Rage quiting, I'm just here to state my point and give feed back.
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